Saving the World – One Dog at a Time

My “other job” has afforded me many opportunities to come across those in need; both the two legged kind and the four legged kind.  It seems, though, that the four legged kind tend to leave a lasting impression on my heart.

Last week, someone I work with responded to a call about the big bad Pitbull roaming loose.  My co-worker, Rich, is about as big a dog-lover as I am and has to be with three huge Boerboel’s occupying his home.  Luckily for the big bad Pitbull, Rich was the one that found her.  What he found was a little girl Pitbull running crazy with the big scared eyes as if she was searching for safety.  Rich patiently convinced her to climb into the back of his car and he brought her to me.  She had fresh cuts and old scars on her neck and forearms but timidly stuck her head out of the window and took a treat.  Once she realized I wasn’t going to hurt her, she warmed up and gave me a kiss.  I returned the affection before Rich whisked her off to the Emergency Vet.  Knowing that Hillsborough County Animal Services is so full with dogs that need forever homes and her “big bad” breed reputation could cause someone to look past a forever opportunity, I lost sleep thinking about this Baby Girl nearing an unfortunate end.  As a stray animal, she had a finite amount of time to be re-claimed or adopted.

The next day, I reached out to rescue group contacts that I had.   A wonderful human being named Carie Peterson, who works for The Humane Society of Tampa Bay stepped up. With the help of Loretta Magee at the Hillsborough County Animal Services, Carie Peterson and her director Pam Backer, Baby Girl was saved from an ultimate demise.

She has received much attention due to the picture that was snapped of her and I in Ybor City that night, but she still needs her forever home. She is a sweet, lovable soul with so much to offer. Her personality epitomizes the breed and hopefully changes the opinions of the close minded people who still “judge a book by it’s cover”.

If you know someone who is willing to begin a relationship with this beautiful Baby Girl contact The Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

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