Florida Canine Website Redesign

Florida Canine Learning & Development, which started in back 1992, has been on hiatus for the past few years while my focus turned to a new career that I had started in Tampa (the kind that comes with a pension). During that time, I continued training dogs for friends and volunteering my training efforts towards some canine rescue groups in an effort to help our four legged friends make lasting, lifetime impressions upon their new families. I found myself becoming the go-to person when a dog needed a home or someone found a stray, and I found Florida Canine subtly evolving into a multi-faceted company with regards to man’s best friend.

In 2010, I attended a viewing of Beyond the Myth at the Tampa Theatre. On the heals of having just dealt with one of the worst animal abuse cases I had seen in awhile (at my “other” job), I was inspired by the commitment and dedication of Libby Sherrill, the filmaker of such a controversial and much needed film about Pit Bull Bans and Breed discrimination. While I have always been an advocate of Bully Breeds, having shared my life with a few myself, Beyond the Myth’s message struck a nerve and there began the evolution of Florida Canine Learning & Development; from a mere behavioral based, dog training company to a educational endeavor with aspirations of reaching the hearts and minds of those who have yet to experience the incredible bond between humans and animals, specifically dogs.
The future of Florida Canine Learning & Development will take a new path. While we will still offer unparalleled, custom designed, in-home training for your four legged pal, and we will offer E-Learning opportunities as well as low cost E-Books on a variety of subjects.

Educational speaking seminars and dog demonstrations will be available for groups ranging from grammar school kids to convalescent homes and everyone in between. It is our belief, here at Florida Canine, that we have only brushed the surface of the omnipotent power of the relationship between animal and man, and we seek to explore those dimensions.

A variety of health products for your canine pal and YOURSELF will be offered through our partner company Barks and Body, and our home page will be updated regularly with the articles on the latest buzz in the animal community, featured adoptable pets, rescue stories and training tips. Click on “Favorites” and add us to your list!

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