Our Philosophy

The relationship between dog and human is a dynamic one and dog training – an inexact science.  At Florida K9 LLC, we strive to educate and capitalize on the unique charismatic relationship between our two legged clients and their four legged counterparts.

Our approach is  behavioral based, wherein the relationship between human and canine is solidified through trust and understanding.  Our focus is on the positive reinforcement of wanted behavior and challenging both the mind and body of our canine pal, and we seek to teach you a new language:  CANINE.


We offer a variety of in-home training packages that can be customized to fit your lifestyle.

Since education is paramount to the success of learning any new language, our website will soon offer free E-Learning as well as low cost E-Books and email advice through BARK AT US.

Florida K9 is an advocate of non-profit rescue organizations and assists in the placement of unwanted dogs through our affiliate rescue groups.  We update our site regularly to bring you the latest in animal rights so you too can learn how to have a voice for those that can’t speak for themselves.

We have recently started a partner company to carry our philosophy to your home while you’re away.  The most trusted dog sitter in the Tampa Bay area, retired Police Corporal Sheila Griffin has formed  www.HotDiggityDogSittin.com.  Check it out!

We look forward to developing a life-long relationship as your personal “Canine Interpreter.”